for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro(Whyred), by mamutal91.

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Feb 15, 2019 | 10:35PM
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* SystemUI improvements * Update HALs audio, display and media * Update sdm blobs from Nokia 6 * Fix night light * Powermenu items: Adapt to system accent no matter theme * Active edge settings * Weather: Determine weather scale based on MCC * Minor spelling fix * Change name of SystemUi dark theme * Themes: Update system overlays from fwb * SystemUi Dark: Let's dark theme match Dialer and Messaging app * Use dark theme on global actions/volume panel * Thematize QS and notifications like Android Q * Fix keyboard shortcut item color * Bring back SystemUi dark overlay * Update toast bg color * Let's dark theme match Dialer and Messaging app * Fix system dialog theme * Update search bar style on dark theme * Use GoogleSans on package installer app title * DocumentsUI: Improve dark theme * Themes: Add systemui dark overlay * Fix action bar font family on material themes * UiModeManagerService: Store messaging night state on Settings class * StatusBar: Silence logspam * Navbar: Make sure navbar updates correctly * Visualizer: fix native crash when visualizer release * Statusbar clock: restore qsheader check within a saved instance * Carrier label: Ensure the dialog matches other dialogs * Carrier label: Remove the possibly of adding emojis * Theme: Make sure swipe refresh follows the system theme * Others fixes and improvements

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