for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9(SM-N960F), by DoVanChuc

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Jun 06, 2021 | 03:37AM
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SuperStable UI2.5 V18 Support Galaxy Note9 N960N/F/DS Update Base: QP1A.190711.020.N960FXXS8FUE5 Security Patch: 01-05-2021 One UI Versions: 2.5 Changelist: 21635307 Secure Folder ## SuperStable Settings * Statusbar # Statusbar Style Dual/Single Statusbar Hide/Show Icons Position of Icons Statusbar Background Dynamic Statusbar # Battery Settings Stock Battery color Cycle Battery 3Minit Battery Battery bar # Clock Settings # Network Traffic Settings Stock netspeed Custom Netspeed # Signal Icons Settings Change Data Icons Change Wifi Icon Change Alarm Icon Change GPS Icon Change Bluetooth Icon Change Sound Icon Color Statusbar Icons # Custom Carrier Text # Weather mod Temperature Weather icons Your location Weather Status # Virtual Buttons With Short/Long Press Options Left Side Statusbar button Center Statusbar button Right Side Statusbar Button * Notification Panel # Notif-Panel Statusbar Battery Temp Custom Netspeed Cycle Battery... # Quick Settings Panel with Dark/Light Mode options Background color options QS Icons color options Tongles color TilesText options Multi sim panel options # Notifications Settings Text Color on Dark Background Options Text Color on Light Background Options And more... # Other Blur Effect Custom Background Matrix Effect Device Info Quick Tool Bar Gif Animations Custom Carrier Text * Lockscreen # LockScreen Statusbar Color of Statusbar Icons Carrier mods Custom Netspeed Cycle Battery # Clock options # Alarm mod # Weather Mod # And more * Power Menu # Show Power Menu Elements # Custom Background * HardWare key and Navigation bar # Hardware keys Double tap Power Button options Press Recent Button options Long Press Recent Button options Long Press Home Button options Long Press Back Button options # Navbar Options Navbar Heigh Options Navbar Buttons Color Custom Analog Clock Custom Background Custom Animations ... * Advanced Settings # TouchWiz Double tap on homescreen Customizations TW launcher with HomeUp app # System Advance Settings Skiptrack with Volume Buttons Popup Animations 2Sim+SdCard options Force Darkmode

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