[N960X] Superstable UI2.5

for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9(SM-N960F), by DoVanChuc

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Feb 17, 2021 | 06:40AM
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SuperStable UI2.5 V14 Support Galaxy Note9 N960N/F/DS Update Base: QP1A.190711.020.N960FXXS8FUB1 Security Patch: 01-02-2021 One UI Versions: 2.5 Changelist: 19869079 Secure Folder Lock POWER OFF Features Dual/Single Statusbar All in One Change SystemUI in SuperStable App *************************************************************************** New SuperStable Settings Statusbar Statusbar Style Dual/Single Statusbar Hide/Show Icons Position of Icons Statusbar Background Dynamic Statusbar Battery Settings Stock Battery color Cycle Battery 3Minit Battery Battery bar Clock Settings Network Traffic Settings Stock netspeed Custom Netspeed Signal Icons Settings Change Data Icons Change Wifi Icon Change Alarm Icon Change GPS Icon Change Bluetooth Icon Change Sound Icon Color Statusbar Icons Custom Carrier Text Weather mod Temperature Weather icons Your location Weather Status Virtual Buttons With Short/Long Press Options Left Side Statusbar button Center Statusbar button Right Side Statusbar Button Notification Panel Quick Settings Panel with Dark/Light Mode options Background color options QS Icons color options Tongles color TilesText options Multi sim panel options Battery Temp Custom Netspeed Cycle Battery... Notifications Settings Background Options Text Color Options And more... Other Blur Effect Custom Background Matrix Effect Device Info Quick Tool Bar Gif Animations Custom Carrier Text Lockscreen LockScreen Statusbar Color of Statusbar Icons Carrier mods Custom Netspeed Cycle Battery Clock options Alarm mod Weather Mod And more Power Menu Show Power Menu Elements Custom Background HardWare key and Navigation bar Hardware keys Double tap Power Button options Press Recent Button options Long Press Recent Button options Long Press Home Button options Long Press Back Button options Navbar Heigh Options Navbar Heigh Options Navbar Buttons Color Custom Analog Clock Custom Background Custom Animations ... Advanced Settings TouchWiz Double tap on homescreen Customizations TW launcher with HomeUp app Bixby Change Function of Bixby Button System Advance Settings Skiptrack with Volume Buttons Popup Animations 2Sim+SdCard options Force Darkmode 360 degree screen rotation Full Screen Mode .... Samsung Advance Settings Customize SuperStable App Header Customizations Backgrounds Options Text options

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