for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by BYZYB

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Nov 10, 2019 | 01:35PM
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ℹ The initial release of Lineage-17.0! ———————— This new release contains most of the custom changes and the same kernel from Lineage-16.0. The basic features from LineageOS is not so completed for now, so the recent builds (seems more likely to AOSP) are at a cutting-edge and for test only. ⚠ Bugs and temporary solutions: ———————— All prebuilt overlays are removed temporarily, to prevent the issue of status bar and quick-setting panel. Reboot for another time to make the QS panel full functional after the first boot. To make the "deep sleep" mode of CPU works well, don't turn on WLAN and enable "power saving mode" after the device booted, or the "deep sleep" will lose function and cause more battery usage while standby. This is only a temporary solution since it would cause many inconveniences and affect daily usage. Use this way only in the status that the battery consumption is important (for example, on a plane or go to sleep). ⛔ Known issues: ———————— Camera (both preview and the photo are flipped); Quick setting panel didn't work; SELinux permissive; System UI randomly FC; VOLTE (no IMS stuff from Qualcomm, won't fix).

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