for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by BYZYB

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Nov 23, 2019 | 02:09PM
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ℹ Notes: ———————— Since this version (20191123), the device/vendor has switched to my united repositories (see "Additional Information" below), with source codes clean-up and rearrangements. All severe issues in previous build (20191110) were fixed in this version, including camera, status bar and quick-setting panel. The Lineage-17.0 ROMs contain most of the custom changes and the same kernel from Lineage-16.0, so the performance and user experience is similar in most situations. ✅ Main changes: ———————— Fix the wrong usage of "TARGET_COPY_OUT_SYSTEM", which might lead to the missing of essential vendor specific files; Migrate most changes after "lineage-16.0-20191113", including kernel improvements and bug fixes; Re-add the prebuilt overlays that were removed from the previous version (20191110); Refer to these builds for more information: └ └ └ ⚠ Bugs and temporary solutions: ———————— Due to some mistakes in "/system/init.rc", this version will not boot without a dirty flash from previous version. Please flash the 20191124 version or replace the "init.rc" to fix this issue! ⛔ Known issues: ———————— Blank screen while charging after power off; SELinux permissive; VOLTE (no IMS stuff from Qualcomm, won't fix).

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Refer to the following links for more details: ———————— [device]: [kernel]: [vendor]:
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