for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by BYZYB

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Dec 21, 2019 | 02:31AM
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ℹ Notes: ———————— Due to the changes of overlay, you MUST DELETE "/data/resource-cache/" after installing (updating from previous version without factory reset) this update! Otherwise, a bootloop will happen to your device. ✅ Highlights: ———————— Adjust device power profile to prevent (improve) the "fake" battery drain when CPU is in heavy loads. Enable "jump lable" optimization to improve kernel performance. Enable ZRAM with new "ZSTD" algorithm to improve the user experience on devices with 2GB ram. Fix the issue that caused "deep sleep" stop working after turning on WLAN. Fix the issue that resulted in a blank charging screen after power off. ✅ Main changes: ———————— Disable updateable APEX to save more space in "system" partition; Switch to "user" (instead of "userdebug") build variant to improve performance and reduce rom size; This build contains most changes after 16.0-20191122, refer to these builds for more information: └ └ └ ⚠ Bugs and temporary solutions: ———————— If you don't want to use ZRAM, it could be disabled by deleting "swapon_all /vendor/etc/fstab.qcom" (line 108) in "/system/vendor/etc/init/hw/". To make sure "deep sleep" works properly and improve the performance of WLAN, do not enable "WLAN scanning" in "Location" settings! ⛔ Known issues: ———————— Incorrect battery indicator (sometimes, reboot/replug the charger may help); SELinux permissive; VOLTE (no IMS stuff from Qualcomm, won't fix).

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