for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by BYZYB

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Jan 20, 2020 | 12:10PM
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ℹ Notes: ———————— If you got a bootloop after installing GAPPs, the free space in "/system" might be used up and caused file corrupts. In this situation, please format "/system" and reinstall the ROM, then use your prefer ways to free more space from "/system". └ ✅ Main changes: ———————— Add missing swcodec runtime searching paths; Automatically set correct permission for "addon-su" (no need to change permission in recovery manfully); Correct file paths for pinner service (apex/; Do automatic clean-up during boot process; Fix the execute racing of scripts during boot process (no more bootloop after an update); Fix the issue that caused unnecessary reloads in Settings app (it should have better performance now); Fix the issue that made battery indicator incorrect (caused by ADB, which was enabled every time on boot); Free more space in "/system" for BitGapps (no need to remove anything manually, and should not cause system corruption); Increase edge touch sampling time (lower sensitivity); Using absolute path for prebuilt binaries (also fixed auto-fstrim and adb-auto-disabler); Some other optimization and improvements. ⛔ Known issues: ———————— SELinux permissive; VOLTE (no IMS stuff from Qualcomm, won't fix).

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