for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by BYZYB

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Feb 12, 2020 | 08:39AM
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ℹ Notes: ———————— SELinux enforcing mode is available now: The changes of SEPolicy have made it possible to use enforcing mode after this verison. If you don't need addon-su, just run shell command "setenforce 1" with root access to enable SELinux (and have a test). Most features should work properly just as lineage-16.0, send me a feedback if there is anything worng. ✅ Main changes: ———————— Android Security Patch level: 2/5/2020; Disable MEMCG and SECCOMP (improve memory performance); Implement init.d support (scripts in "/system/etc/init.d" should work now, this is an unofficial feature which is not added by LineageOS); Import Simple Low Memory Killer (better performance than legacy LMK); Remove prebuilt overlays (except lineage custom themes, "/data/resource-cache" should be cleared automatically during installation); Update sepolicy for enforcing mode; Use GCC-arm-9.2 to build the kernel; Some other optimization and improvements. ⛔ Known issues: ———————— SELinux permissive; VOLTE (no IMS stuff from Qualcomm, won't fix).

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