for the Xiaomi Mi 4c, by ZYB

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Jul 12, 2019 | 12:43PM
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[NOTE]: DO NOT USE 20190710! That version has performance issue and isn't recommended to install. ✅ Kernel └ Use EAS as default scheduler: └ More power efficient than "interactive"; └ You could switch back to "interactive" or other schedulers by replace/modify "/system/vendor/bin/"; └ Note: the rom's kernel is not the same as Watermelon Kernel; └ Thanks to @Gah0. └ Restore original refresh-rate (60 Hz) for unsupported screens: └ Supported: Sharp-rsp61322 (keep 30~75 Hz) [Mi-4c]; └ Unsupported: Sharp-nt35595 (restore to 30~60 Hz) [Mi-4s], AUO-nt35596 (restore to 30~60 Hz) [Mi-4c]. └ Decrease min scaling frequency for big clusters (2*A57): └ 384.0 → 302.4 . ✅ Device └ Adjust CPU scheduler parameters for EAS; └ Disable input boost to prevent scheduler conflict; └ Move "setenforce" out of init.qcom.rc (SELinux will keep enforcing). ✅ Others └ Android System Webview: 75.0.3770.101; └ Android security patch level: 7/5/2019.

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Known issues: ———————— VOLTE (no IMS support); Addon-su not working. Refer to the following links for more details: ———————— device: device-common: kernel: vendor: vendor-common:
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