for the Motorola Moto Maxx, by fgl27

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Jan 12, 2017 | 09:22PM
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Special MOD version OF TWRP base on the last official on changelog in relation to official one is =================== May-14-2016 =================== * twrp-3.0.2-0-Mod-quark * Build TWRP on android Marshmallow source * Change TWRP name to twrp-3.0.2-0-Mod so the user knows that is using the mod one * Update the Kernel to a Mod version of my BHB27 kernel to better fit TWRP needs * Included NTFS support, Test whit 16GB PD and 1TB external HD works great but NTFS is slow on TWRP * Included Extra language (Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional) * Add Modem partition Backup/restore option * Add USB-OTG to the wipe options (this is not a format of USB is just a "wipe" erase of the files, if need to format USB use PC or android app) * Enable by default DT2W and S2W on TWRP (just like on my kernel) * Enable Thermal driver (prevent over heat on TWRP) * Update TWRP vendor libs from MM soak 3 * General improves to TWRP for quark * Included all lates changes of TWRP source =================== May-16-2016 =================== * Improve backup/restore speed =================== May-26-2016 =================== * Fix decryption of custom ROM'slow * Enable LogD * + General improves =================== Ago-08-2016 =================== * Kernel Update to the latest version of BHB27-Kernel v201-0 this kernel have the best featuring to feat TWRP need * This kernel uses the latest Motorola kernel source * Tune the kernel start script to better fit TWRP * Included the latest TWRP updates to this date =================== Sep-27-2016 =================== * Included the latest TWRP updates to this date * Minor Kernel improves =================== Jan-01-2017 =================== * Included the latest TWRP updates to this date * Kernel Improves * Latest updates and bugs Fix to the date * Fix recently a change in AOSP Nougat that causes a bootloop to TWRP when the users try's to Factory Reset via Android

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