for the Google Pixel XL, by Joe pacino

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May 28, 2018 | 04:03PM
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Titan X kernel project devs Joe Pacino King Bri Features as of 5/28/18 NOTE you must be rooted with a kernel manager to access kernel options. Use ex kernel manager or kernel adiutor Kernel features TitanX v2.0 wireguard support Enable exFAT filesystem Support Always upstreamed to latest sources 3.18.110 Schedutil EAS Cpuboost enabled Overclock GPU to 710 Mhz Tcg Westwood bic,htcp,vegas,veno,scalable,lp,illinois cpufreq; add elementalx governor cpufreq; add conservativex governor cpufreq; add nightmare governor cpufreq; add alucard governor cpufreq; add lionfish governor cpufreq; add darkness governor cpufreq; add wheatley governor cpufreq; add nightmare governor cpufreq; add impulse governor cpufreq; add nebula governor Cpufreq; add BioShock Governor Maple io re configured and cleaned up zen io fiops io voltage control display state awareness added Sound control Kcal support High brightness mode Turbo charging enabled Backlight dimmer Enable WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT_DEFAULT Boeffla wakelock blocker Adjust enable and make default blocker on Flar gesture controls And so much more

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