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Jun 30, 2020 | 10:20PM
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Thank you for the appreciation . About . Please create the bootable USb with RUFUS. Run the USB Live or install it internal or USB3 stick. This is the 32BIT version for all machines with a Leagcy BIOS It's Android 7.1.2 and was developed by CW Huang the Master of Android-x86 and modeled into this concept by me . If you gonna install this on a WINDOWS 8.1 Tablet that never came with Android then , use NTFS in the installer part Do you wanna format - Yes NTFS At a certain point it want's to create a image for user data standard is 512mb , edit and make it 1024MB When started up : Turn off ROOt , Super su in settings , 3 dots right top . and turn it off. Random Reboots ? go into Developers Options (Tab Build number 8 times to enable Dev MOde) then select STAY AWAKE Google play is build in but for real Custom rom users Aurora store is as well build in . I hope all will work good for you , I have it installed on the Skool Pad 2 in 1 and have more succes then with my previous builds that would reboot randomly , but it seems fixed now , I have a uptime from 3 hrs 40 minutes and 8 seconds ..No more reboots , maybe NTFS makes the difference. Good luck and report buggs. Link

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