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First of all, I am not a developer! This uploaded files are not grown on my ideas.

This is the work of people with the right knowloedge that I have not.

But what is grown on my idea is this little archive for crespo and maguro.

New is the so called CyanogenMod-Archive 'cause I had most of the files of the more prevalent devices.

All files are the very last current Updates of CM-team when switching to next major version resp. when CM gets to the very end in Dec 2016.
These are mostly CM13 nightly versions
(Dec 2016) or latest stable versions.


Files are downloads from the recent official server.
No tuning, no modification - just pure SlimROMs, CM, AOSPA, GApps, kernel etc.

Archive for:

  • Most of the changelogs exists. You could find them on my Dropbox

For some tweeks and more for crespo have a look at:

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Also CyanogenMod-Archive for:

  • Google Nexus [N4, N5, N5X, N6, N6P, N7, N9, N10]: CM12.1, CM13, CM14.1
  • Motorola Moto G [falcon, peregrine, titan, thea, osprey, athene]: CM13, CM14.1
  • Wileyfox Swift: CM13

    This archive hold the files of an inactive community or the follow-up LineageOS does not exist (up to now ...).
    Edit: In the meantime some devices get a maintainer. So the files of affected devices I do not upload.

    If you want these files anyway - which I not recommend - get in contact with me (see below).

Short listing of unofficial LineageOS builds:

- Samsung Galaxy S I by Coldwindofnowhere --> LineageOS 11
- Sony Z1 by drakonizer --> LineageOS 14.1
- Sony Z1C by Mse1969 --> LineageOS 12.1
- Sony Z3 by nailyk --> LineageOS 14.1
- Sony Z3C by tomascus --> LineageOS 14.1

Other CRoms:

- Sony Z1C by Android Ice Cold Project --> AICP 12.1


So, credits goes to:

  • CM
  • SlimROMs
  • bedalus
  • cn.fyodor
  • cshnz
  • SferaDev
  • Setting.out
  • DerTeufel
  • Pacarrop
  • Illusion ROM
  • Omni ROM
  • PhilZ
  • and many others which not listed.

If you have suggestions, other newer versions of CM or something that helps to extend this archive contact me: