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Now playing with my shiny htc a5_chl Virgin Mobile US single sim Desire 816.

No telling what may run on it.

Currently cm14.1

I (used to) maintain an experimental OS2SD (operating system run from SD card) with accomanying TWRP 2.8 recovery for the thunderc phones (Optimus V, Optimus S)

support threads:

I also put together a package with (long ago) current Google gms services from

for armv6 devices running OS2SD (like the thunderc or thunderg lge p500) which is to be used in conjuction with the always-newest gapps from

broken link. Use open gapps.

my pa_facilitator overwrites the armv7 keyboard lib from the pa_gapps as well as the armeabi-v7 gms services. It can even be used with the huge stock package from that thread as long as you follow instructions to remove the armv7 proprietary Gapps like Earth and G+, or they'll force close on you constantly.