xxchrisxx's Developer Profile

I am one of the few people who is thinking very critical about the actuall progress of Android (because of Google) and CyanogenMod (because of their effort to make money) and therefore I am someone who speaks out what some dont care about or what's not allowed to say in the hope to warn the people (in the way they think more critical) and change something.

My own opinion about all of this is, that a system which is indirectly forcing you to use propritary services and makes you extremly dependent on them, while releasing this OS every release faster and faster, so that custom roms and simple devs dont have enough time to fit to this releases while this devs again and again begining something new (CM12), without making stable and round, in what they put over a year of work (CM11) and a lot of people believed in and meanwhile depending on this, is something very critical.

At the same time we should be very critical about people who earn million of dollars (I dont mean in any way the voluntary maintainers and contributors who have my highly respect!) while letting the people who believed in them and made them famous, staying in the rain, on a bugged CM11 and calling their commercial system an "Open OS" while making deals with companys like microsoft, twitter and others (who all are interested on the users data), forcing the users to use bloatware in the same way, they criticised other OEMs some years earlier, so that no one is alarmed anymore if they create better, closed source apps of their open source counterparts, in the exact same way google is criticised for - no matter if it is their right to do so or not, because there is something like a moral obligation. In addition to that they think they dont have to talk with their users, letting most of them left in limbo for nearly a half year and use clever strategies to control their contributors to fit to their goals and their users to be semi-forced to update to their new OS version, to show their investors big user figures, with help of their statistics, to get even more money out of their cashcow and to further manipulate the people out there with shouting "CM12!" or "Open Source!" so that they dont even notice the users anymore, who will be ignored at their bugtracker or their contributors, who are writing that some patch can fix a bug, who other users are waiting for a long time and dont even get an answer for months.

If someone is interested in a CM11 longterm support project (or would simply like the idea of it), adding sensefull features, enheancing it, making it more stable, more free, less dependend on Google, porting features, bugfixes and enhancements from CM12/Android 5 back to it and maybe could contribute to it (or learn how to do) or be involved in any other way or simply would like the idea of it, making something really round for our old phones which dont sucks out the battery too fast and is lagging like hell because of using superflous animations everywhere, please contact me on my linked email here.

If you have any problems with my files or something other, you are allways welcome to write me also.

Have fun! :-)